Sunday, June 22, 2014

CranWal Tahini Carob Protein Bites

     Hello WORLD! :) I have a wonderful snack-a-roo for you this very wonderful evening.. :) So sometimes in order to keep on my diet(MANY food intolerances..).. I ALWAYS keep protein bars on hand.. (FAVORITE BRAND.. RISE BARS.. SUNFLOWER CINNAMON VEGAN PROTEIN BAR!).. anyway.. that was getting a little expensive as I was going out and about A LOT. For some reason there was a couple weeks there where I was just going about all the time.. So to save a bit of money I decided that maybe making some of my own bars.. would be the best way to go.. So I took a gander in the fridge and I wasn't planning on making anything scrumptious.. I had just come to the conclusion that I needed something filling that I could stuff in my mouth so as not to eat whatever delicacies lay before me.. wherever it was I was going..
     At any rate.. I was also trying to follow as close as I could this EAT RIGHT FOR YOR BLOOD TYPE business.. and so I didn't want to use peanut butter as I am type O. So.. I took a look in the fridge and I saw that I had some tahini that I had for quite a while and needed to be used.. I was trying to decide what would go well with tahini and I wasn't certain as I hadn't really used it much before.. So I figured chocolate would cover the taste pretty well.. but then it struck.. CAROB!! Carob is delicious and good for my blood type!! YES!!
So I decided to start throwing different things into a bowl.. And this.. is what came to be..

(they don't look like much.. but they are delicious!)
Tahini Carob Protein Bites with Dried Cranberries and Walnuts
1/2 cup Tahini
1/2 cup Honey
1/2 cup Raw Carob Pwd.
4 scoops RAW POWER Protein Pwd.
1/4 cup Flax Meal
Pinch of REAL SALT
1/4 cup (Approx.) Dried Cranberries
1/4 cup (Approx.) Walnut Pieces
P.s. You can sub another type of protein.. I just can't promise the results. :)
1. Mix all but the cranberries and walnuts.. I mixed by hand but you could easily throw this into a food processor.
2. Next Stir in the Cranberries and Walnuts. You can get creative and add different berries and nuts too. :) like maybe dried blueberries and macadamia nuts or something.. YUM! or PECANS!!! YUM!
3. ENJOY! :)
PPS. This is my favorite Protein Powder..
Ingredients: Hemp protein powder(seed), Brazil Nut protein powder, Maca powder(root), Mesquite powder(pod), Goji Berry powder(lycium fruit), Maca powder(root extract), Vanilla powder(bean).
Serving Size 2 scoops.
Calories 109
Protein 10.5g
Calcium 86mg
Iron 5mg
Selenium 109mcg
Sodium 48mg
And it tastes GREAT! :)


  1. wow... they sound so fantastic... and so simple! i was going to ask what protein powder you used too... and then you already included that :) i love how you included the info about the protein powder as well... you really make me want to go get some... it sounds fabulous :)

  2. btw... i love how you added those links in your sidebar... and the seasonal food gizmo is awesome!!

    1. oh yah I keep forgetting to write the responses as replies.. ha!

  3. thanks Jen!! It is really sweet and so true too! That's exactly what is selling at the farmers market right now. :) haha! :)
    The protein powder is really delicious even itself.. it smells like when grandma used to put strawberry jam and butter on toast for us.. haha! :)
    I think I actually had 3/4 cup tahini though and 1/4 cup of honey.. I think I wrote it down wrong cuz they were ALOT sweeter this time.. I'm going to try them again and then maybe edit the recipe.. Love yah sis!! :) They are really good just like this though if you get whim to make them. :)